Monday, July 5, 2010


Happy First Post!

This is somewhat of a challenge for me, being a numbers-artsy-oriented person myself, but I want to broaden my horizons and figure that what better time to do this than the summer time! Besides, I am one of those "weird" teachers that rather than countdown until the last day of school....I actually countdown until school begins, so anything to pass the time.

I teach 7th grade Math, Pre Algebra, and a Teen Leadership (7th-8th) course. My math classes are not the most "traditional" math classes. We do many art projects, activities, and I make most of my own worksheets. I know what you are thinking "Where do you get the time?!" Well some of the activities I create never make it to the classroom, but they are always there just in case!

The Teen Leadership class is awesome-we do many Character Education activities, but mainly focus on video production and photography. We create videos about character-and pretty much anything else that the students think of--Last year we re-made the "Thriller" video with a drug free theme for Red Ribbon Week--and many more videos that I will post and talk about in the future.

I am creating this blog not only to share my ideas but to make a place where educators can share theirs as well. So please read-use the ideas-and post your own. Enjoy!

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